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Podcast 009 is here, Recorded March 2016.


Synkro – Midnight Sun (Apollo)
Heartdrive – Empathy reboot (Pleasure District)
CMX & Dbridge – tesserae (Exit)
Fracture & Kid Drama- tell me how (Pleasure District 005]
Seba & Paradox & Robert Manos – lie 2 me (paradox music]
Concealed Identity – Calavera (narratives]
Calibre – Love Worn Soul [Signature Records]
Commix – Ghost loops (31)
Skeptical – Just One Kiss (exit)
Module Eight – Severed (ExitLP015]
Mikarma – initiator (convex]
Croms – invisible cities (exit)
Kid drama – Mumble [convex]
Naibu – Replaced (Paradox)
Rq – Glass Serpant
Queensway – be the Love (Syncopix]
Kid Drama – what used to be (SoulR]
DB1 – Vanguard
Calibre & Cleveland watkiss – spacetime [Signature Records]
Flaco – u should b here (flightpattern)
LSB – Remedy (Spearhead]
Instramental & DBridge – white snares [Exit]
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ELOQUENT NOISE : PODCAST 008 by Eloquent Noise Uk on Mixcloud

WE ARE BACK with Podcast EIGHT!
Loads of different vibes again on this podcast, something for everyone


Kiyoko – Fragments [Samurai Records]
Gacha – Let me love You [Apollo]
Brambles – Half Gramme Holiday [serein]
Saffire D`Soul – Creeper [Versa Dub Mix]
Break – Dem Babylon [Symmetry]
Wild Beasts – A Simple Beautifull Truth [DJRUM Remix] domino records
Men at Amps – Blaq Cougar
Fybe One ft Zelda Marshall – Trace [shades]
Velvit ft Steve Spacek – No excuses [17Steps]
Brambles – to speak of solitude [serein]
Hatti Vatti ft Cian Finn – Wonderfull World [New moon recs]
DBridge – Demand Destruction [Free]
Biome – Blind Jazz
Roy Davis Jnr – Gabrielle [Dan Marshall flip]
Phaeleh – Alignment [undertow]
Borealis – Not of this Reality [Synkro Remix]
Chaos In the CBD – Luxury Motivation
Atjazz – Fox tooth [atjazz Galaxy art Dub [atjazz]
Oral Deep – fortress [Tribe Records]
Damage – Love Lady [Groove Chronicles Remix]
ST Germain – Alabama Blues [Todd Edwards Dub]
Calibre – Nightlight [Signature]
Kiyoko – Track 3 [Horo Vision]
Transportaion AAD – Pagoda [Darkestrel]
Kiyoko – Headlights [samurai]
Zeb Samuels & Rowl – All that u Are [deep heads]
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EN POD 007

ELOQUENT NOISE PODCAST 007 by Eloquent Noise Uk on Mixcloud

We are finally back with Podcast 007, This time its an all DNB Affair ,

PODCAST 008 Is already DONE ! Released 2nd week of NOVEMBER.

Ivy Lab – Make it Clear [Metalheadz
Calibre – Strumpet [ Exit]
Spectrasoul – Always [Shogun]
Calibre – Highlander [signature]
DBridge – Last Straw [Exit]
Seba – Life is
Seba – Nightrider
Survival – Dawning [osiris]
Makoto – Eastern Dub [GLR]
Random Movement – Change for the train home
Marcus Intalex – Temperence [SoulR]
Jubei – Congo [Metalheadz]
Homemade Weapons – Second Skin [Samurai]
Skeptical – Square breathing [Ingredients]
ST Files & Calibre – Falling Down [SoulR]
Bredren – Infamous
Dub Phizix & Skeptical ft Chimpo – Buzzin [SoulR]
Marcus Intalex – Cabal [Ingredients]
DRS & Marcus Intalex – Bun Ya Too [SoulR]
Zero Tolerance & Beta2 – Strike Back [Westbay]
Calibre – Try [Signature]
Etherwood – Disposition [NHS]
High Contrast – Racing Green [NHS]
Technimatic – Bristol [Shogun]
Lenzman – Ever So Slightly [Ai Remix]
Saxxon – Greencard [Dnb Arena]
Tokyo Prose – Songbird [NHS]
Calibre – Like It Is [Innerground]
Anile – Dont Tell It [MedSchool]
Calibre & Marcus Intalex ft Bricktop – Smother [SoulR]
Marcus intalex – Virgo [Dispatch]
Anile & DRS – City of Injustice [MedSchool]
Commix – Scarlett [NHS]
Calibre – Bogeymann Bullshit [SoulR]
Commix – Painted Smile [Metalheadz]
Seba & Robert Manos – Madness [Secret Ops]
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Seattle resident Homemade Weapons returns for another edition of the Samurai Music podcast,
lifting the skill and tune level once again for a scorching hot session.

Homemade Weapons ‘Clarion Call EP on Samurai Music available here
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1000x pod 006

Eloquent Noise – Podcast 006 by Eloquent Noise Uk on Mixcloud


Danny Clark & Atjazz – Giving only [Atjazz Internal Dub]
Charles Webster – Im falling [CW Vibe Mix]
Bookashade – Crossing borders
Amanda Project – Truth comes shining in
The black 80s – Move on [Kollectiv Turmstrasse mix]
Evan IffFaith, trust [Michelle own remix]
Kenny summit – the dirty lowdon
Gregory porter – 1960 what
Nastee Nev ft donald mc sheffery – let go
Ross couch – somebody like you
Scope ft ric mcClelland – wont be long
Shur:i:kan – jazz club
mandy & bookashade – home [kollectiv turmstrasse remix
Atjazz & julien Gomes – overshadowed (atjazz galaxy art dub]
Luka – Everyday

Keeping it on the Deep House vibe for this session,
the next podcast will again be a multi genre podcast,..available just before xmas 2014.
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EN Feature


DBRIDE & KID DRAMA [HEARTDRIVE] Are back with another edition of their heartdrive podcasts Read More...

Electronic Music



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