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SYNTH SENSE – “With this mix we wanted to give you, the listener, a glimpse into the sound of the Auxiliary label and the artists involved.  All the music in this mix is taken from the past, present & future of Auxiliary. covering a wide range of styles from techno inspired music to beautifully arranged soundscapes. We would like to think this mix sums up the overall sound of the labels ever growing catalog of experimental, forward thinking music. As cliche as it sounds, we have never wanted to fit into any pigeon hole or stereotype. We would like to think that our production and arrangements don’t conform to any genre, but rather exploit experimentation.”

Organicbeats.co.uk – “There are artists who tow the line, following trends and fashions of the day. There are alternatively those who buck the trend creating their own unique path. Synth Sense fall into the latter category.”

01 – Synth Sense – Electronic Explorations Intro 02 – ASC – Citrus (AUXTR002) 03 – ASC & Sam KDC – Cold Spot (AUXWL002) 04 – Synth Sense – Symbol #9.2 (AUXSYM009) 05 – ASC & Synkro – Sacred Moments (AUX004) 06 – ?????????? 07 – Sam KDC – Symbol #3.3 (AUXSYM003) 08 – Kiyoko – First Light (AUXCD003) 09 – Sam KDC -Tides Of The Moon (AUX008) 10 – Synth Sense – SRV Experiment (AUXCD004) 11 – Abstract Elements – Fourth Dimension (AUX005) 12 – Synth Sense – Deleted Scene (AUXCD004) 13 – ?????????? 14 – Sam KDC – Symbol #8.1 (AUXSYM008) 15 – Bering Strait – Background (AUXCD005) 16 – ASC – Symbol #1.1 (AUXSYM001) 17 – Synth Sense – Lost In Time (Synkro Remix) (AUXCD004V) 18 – Method One – High Sierra (AUX006) 19 – ASC – As The Dust Settles (AUXTR001) 20 – ASC & bvdub – Symbol #2.4 (AUXSYM002) 21 – ?????????? 22 – ?????????? 23 – Sam KDC – Catacomb (AUX008) 24 – Synth Sense – Nexus 2 (AUXCD004) 25 – ?????????? 26 – Synth Sense – Alien Transmissions File #1 (AUXTR008) 27 – Indigo – Symbol #7.4 (AUXSYM007) 28 – Central Industrial – Their Fleeting Memories (AUXCD006)
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127704               [soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/99181019″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Machine Love EP ASC, Synkro & Sam KDC

 ASC, Synkro & Sam KDC team up for the second outing on Auxiliary’s brand new collaborative outlet, Veil. Side one sees ASC & Synkro pick up where Borderline / Sacred Moments left off and expand their vision further with the disjointed Machine Love and the smoother sounding Planet X. Side two sees ASC team up with Sam KDC for two slices of future funk. 85 bpm synth power all the way with serious bassweight thrown in for good measure. Unique music, as you’d expect from all involved.
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ASC – “This is my big LP project for this year.  It’s a double CD album, which I’ve never done before, and usually steer clear from, but if ever was there a project for that format, this was it.There’s 18 tracks of ambient super-emotive music to tug at your heart-strings and take you to places in your mind.  There’s lot’s more I could write about this LP, but I think the audio says more than my words could ever do.  Click the link at the bottom of this post for audio and pre-order links.300 copies, limited edition, CD only, no digital – once they are gone, that’s it.”

Link to pre-order and reserve your copy:


ALBUM Tracklist:

01. So Many Questions 02. Throughout the Years 03. Falling From The Sky 04. I Share My Secrets With You 05. Snow in Summer 06. Nothing to Lose 07. If Only For A Minute 08. Washed Away Over Time 09. Are We On The Same Wavelength 10. Vanishing Point 11. Shoals 12. The Derelict Output 13. Prayers For Abandoned Cosmonauts 14. Voices From Distant Stars 15. The Infinity Pool 16. Array 17. Full Circle 18. Satellite’s Final Voyage

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  Episode-4   Episode 4 : [ Synth Sense | RQ | ASC ] – DOWNLOAD  
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amb1209-500x500 CS480770-01B-BIG [soundcloud params=”auto_play=false&show_comments=false” width=” 100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true”]http://api.soundcloud.com/playlists/3777783[/soundcloud]
  The”Apart” EP marks Jack Lever’s debut release as Bering Strait, having been introduced to R&S and its Apollo sub-label by his studio partner, Joe “Synkro” McBride. 7 superb tracks ! out now ..
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DBRIDE & KID DRAMA [HEARTDRIVE] Are back with another edition of their heartdrive podcasts Read More...

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