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eu1us2 london elektricity           Tracklist:
Fred V & Grafix – Basilisk Nu:Logic – What I’ve Always Waited For Anile – Another Year Serum – Strings Syron – Here – Calyx & Teebee Remix Cinematic Orchestra – Breath – D&B Remix Dub Phizix – Rainy City Music Dub Phizix & Skittles – I’m a Creator Need for Mirrors – Merk Jakwob – Fade – Wilkinson Remix Technimatic – The Unspoken Seba – Identity Dream Mclean – Sloe Gin – Dub Phizix Remix Villem – Splinter In Your Mind Nu:Logic – Tripping In Space Optiv & BTK – Drop The Funk Dexcell – Don’t Look Back Fred V & Grafix – Games People Play
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[0:25] Instra:mental – Deep Night [4:01] Instra:mental – Elsewhere [6:37] dBridge & Instra:mental – ? [9:42] Synkro – Open Arms [Exit] [12:16] Synkro – The Way [Exit] [14:47] [16:57] ASC – Prometheus [Samurai Red Seal] [19:06] Indigo – Symbol #8.3 [Auxiliary] [22:46] Crystal Fighters – Follow (Consequence remix) [Crystal Fighters] [25:19] [27:28] [29:40] Abstract Elements – Abysmal Depth [Exit] [34:40] dBridge – ZX81 [Fat City] [39:11] [41:43] [45:42] [50:04] [54:04] [57:20] Loxy, Resound & Gremlinz – ? [1:00:36] [1:04:14] Dub Phizix – Rainy City Music [Ingredients] [1:07:37] SpectraSoul – Suppresion [Subtitles] [1:10:08] SpectraSoul ft. dBridge – Glimpse [Shogun] [1:13:06] [1:15:35] [1:17:03] [1:18:30] ST Files – Eight Six [Soul:R] [1:20:22] [1:22:44] Stray & Frederic Robinson – Thumbprint [BMTM] [1:25:56] Logistics & Jubei – ? [Hospital?] [1:28:50] Mark System – The Diver’s Dream [Warm Communications] [1:30:50] Mark System – El Sunrise [free] [1:33:57] Fierce & Matrix – Same Way? [1:37:34] Logistics & Jubei – Battlefield [1:40:33] LIS – ? [1:45:34] dBridge ft. Steve Spacek? – Affirmation [1:49:16] Calibre – Pushing out [1:53:00] Drum kru – Rig masher [1:55:10] Optical – Slip Thru (remix?) [1:57:21] Dom & optical – untitled
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Dominick Martin’s a little bit of an anomaly in terms of contemporary drum & bass. Having been active and continuously releasing music under his Calibre alias since 1998, it feels a little odd in a modern world so besotted with oversharing to think that he’s never had a remix made of his material, nor has ever released a commercial mix CD or ever managed an online presence. He’s one of those artists whose reputation simply precedes him; thanks in a large part to his incredible body of work that covers seven artist albums and countless 12”s, EPs and remixes. Almost as notorious for being a quiet person as much as he is a prolific producer, the Northern Irish musician has always been happy to let his music talk for him and with his unique blend of musicianship and tough, focused percussion garnering him releases on the pick of drum & bass labels, as well as his own Signature imprint, you get the impression that he’ll always be content not to say too much.
But poke at the surface and there’s an incredibly engaging story there; one that centres on one guy’s focus in finding his way through music institutions and social prejudice in a place that he himself admits “wasn’t a very nice place to grow up”.
“I grew in South Belfast and it was pretty much what you’d expect Belfast to be like during the troubles: very grim, frightening and full of twats. Having to decide to choose philosophies and ideologies was for me like a godsend because it meant I didn’t have to believe in any of that bullshit. Religious societies are moronic; I mean I have no problem with spirituality but if ever you grow up in a place that demands you to make a choice its stupid. I think that was something that really drove me towards writing music and being creative, living alongside that level of retard behaviour.” – Calibre
Releasing his first record on the Dublin-based, U2-owned, Quadrophonic label, the multi-instrumentalist Martin found his feet in the clubs he found there, hooking up with drum & bass scene lynchpin, Fabio, and working closely on material for his Creative Source label – on which he released his landmark, 21-track Musique Concrete album in 2001. Blessed with an ear for perfect pitch, a trait that was recognised from an early age, he’d quickly developed a signature style that retained a kind of musicality that worked as well away from the vigorous climes of the dancefloor.
“I remember, at my first gigs, I only had like three plates to play and Fabio had given me a bunch of things he wasn’t playing so I had to live off his scraps for a while. That’s how it was. I mean, the way I play music is I write for the [DJ] sets, so a lot of my sets have exclusive stuff in them that you might only hear once; I like to have that element of it.” – Calibre
It’s an outlook Calibre draws on quite heavily for the duration of FABRICLIVE 68, using his own music and that of his peers to create a mix that’s both reflective of the way that he plays when he DJs and the bafflingly bountiful body of work he’s produced. Including several soulful vocal tracks that are reflective of his background and passion for song-writing, Calibre drops a single track that’s exclusive to the mix with his take on stripped bare d&b on ‘Simple Things’, also adding a couple of sterling examples of him reworking songs, here taking tracks by Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and Bo Saris out of their pop roots and re-imagining them as mournful soul tinged standards alongside pieces like ‘Inner Disbelief’, which hark back to purist jungle. Leaning on the music of Soul:r boss Marcus Intalex, Exit head honcho dBridge, Lynx and material from DJ Marky’s Innerground label, Calibre weaves the records together more by their key than anything else saying
“I wanted it to be a bit more about things that would combine pitch-wise because sometimes DJs don’t have the pitched ear, where I do and I wanted to use that”.
“This is the first time I’ve ever done a mix CD, so I was a little bit worried about how it would be received because sometimes when you’ve been doing something for so long, it’s hard to work out what people want from you because they all have different periods of work that they identify with. Some of the tunes that are on there, I’ve been playing at fabric over the years to varying degrees of effect. They’re just for me; they’re tunes that I’ve been playing for a long time some of them, so the mix is a representation of my work over the last ten years really.” – Calibre
FABRICLIVE 68: Calibre will be released on 18th March 2013. You can pre-order your copy here:  http://bit.ly/UyjFaW
Calibre will launch FABRICLIVE 68 in Room Two on Friday 15th March alongside
DBridge, Random Movement, Fabio and Marcus Intalex.uk-0315-444444-129296-front
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1. Technimatic – The Unspoken (Spearhead) 2. Alix Perez – Feelings Of Regret (Shogun Audio) 3. Random Movement – Down Somehow (Innerground) 4. Nu : Logic ft. Lifford – Everlasting Days (Hospital) 5. Friction & Skream ft. Scrufizzer, P. Money & Riko Dan – Kingpin (Shogun Audio) 6. Optiv & CZA – Don’t Look Now (SGN) 7. Seba – Can’t Describe (Secret Operations) 8. Liz – E – Something Inside (SGN) 9. Phil Tangent – Giving Up The Ghost (Rubik) 10. LSB – Overthinking (Enei Remix) (Dub) 11. Technimatic – Not Far To Go (Spearhead)
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  Episode-4   Episode 4 : [ Synth Sense | RQ | ASC ] – DOWNLOAD  
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